Trine started her working career in service management, human resource management and the hotel- and travel industry. In 1994 she completed a three years study of photography at the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. After finishing art school, she was offered a one year job in a mountain resort and headed back home. One year beccame five, it was too hard to leave.

14 years ago- at the age of 29, Trine decided to leave her job and fullfill her dream of becoming a fulltime photographer.

In her first year as a starving artist, a new job offer came and Trine said yes, again. She joined TinAgent, a photographers agent based in Oslo. She was now to organize, sell and follow up eight very talented photographers. Despite an exciting job, her longing to take pictures was still there. In the year 2000, she started working as photographers assistant for italian born, Norwegian based photographer Massimo Leardini. Their companionship lasted for a year before she went out on her own. It has now been eight years with challenges, creativity and joy.
Business strengths and qualities
With many years experience from the service industry, Trine easily keeps her clients satisfied by meeting their needs and ideas. She is a problemsolver, always keeping calm in stressful situations, a good "project manager" with high organisation skills. A thorough, independent and selfgoing person, who can easily be left to her own tasks when needed. Her main goal is to be flexible and promt on deadlines.
Scandinavian and worldwide exposure
Her work has been published in Norwegian and international interior, fashion and lifestyle magazines. She has also contributed in several books. In 2002, she won gold for best landscape photography in the norwegian commercial photographers "Utsnitt" awards.
Trine´s pictures is represented by the imagebank Scanpix Creative, Norway
To see more of her work visit, this website or her blog